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Cure The Winter Blues

The winter blues often leave us feeling tired, sad, and with cabin fever. Don't worry! You're definitely not alone! Here are some fun activities to bring the outdoors in, keep your kiddos busy, and are sure to brighten spirits when you're stuck indoors!

Here are some outdoorsy bird feeders and bird/fairy houses to make when you're stuck inside:

If it's snowy, use it to your advantage for these snow themed sensory activities and experiments (note, if it's not snowy, you can always buy fake snow or make your own as part of the activity!):

If you want to keep your activities contained - try these sensory bag and bottle ideas:

Ice block digging activities pop up a lot in the summer to cool off, but check out this awesome Arctic theme idea:

Here's my favorite summer ice digging activity, just use some winter gloves and you'll be all set to move it inside:

Speaking of dinosaurs, try making this succulent garden (or any other indoor planting ideas) to bring some warm weather vibes:

Window activities are a great way to bring the outside in:

I hope you and your family enjoy some of these ideas to brighten your days and cure your cabin fever!

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