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DIY Bone Meal - Spring Planting

Spring is almost here and that means planting all different things, from plants to food. Bone meal is something that I typically use when I plant anything. Benefits of using Bone Meal for your plants range from higher fruit yield and stronger root structures to providing pest/disease resistance & promoting big, beautiful blooms. It's a great overall way to fertilize the soil and deliver nutrients.

Ingredients: - chicken, beef, any animal bone even fish (for this I'll be stating chicken bones because we have meat birds, but you can use whatever bone you want). Instructions: 1. boil chicken bones. 2. strain water from chicken bones. 3. rinse off the chicken bones to get the remaining meat off. 4. put on pan. 5. bake bones. 350 for 20 minutes. 6. put into a grinder & blend until a fine powder. **Feel free to save the bone water for beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, etc. To Use: - 1 tsp bone meal into water. stir. once dissolved, feed to plants. - sprinkle some bone meal directly near root of plant and that will slowly release nutrients. - when planting, add some powder directly to dirt.

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