Santa's Magic (Holiday Blend) - Rich cocoa, roasted buttery chestnuts, hint of sweet stone fruit
Brazilian Peaberry - Nutty chestnut, milk chocolate, caramel, soft floral and a hint of fruity notes, with a honey sweetness that grows as it cools
Bless Your Heart (Decaf) - A light bodied decaf coffee, with notes of bright citrus, cherry, cocoa, roasted almond

Coffee - TN Locally Roasted

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Coffee Blend?
How do you want your bean?
  • 1 bag/ 1lb of locally TN roasted coffee. At LBN, we believe that coffe should be good whenever. From completely black coffee, to a little bit of coffee with your creamer. Either way, you'll be very pleased when you take a this coffee doesn't have acidic/bitter taste and goes down smooth no matter your preference.
    This coffee comes in both ground or whole bean!