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If choosing for baby use as well (under 2yrs), please select unscented. Otherwise, check with your pediatrician first due to essential oils. These blends are LIGHTLY scented, however it is still essential oils which could effect some who have health and/or medical conditions.
Want something soothing for your baby, but rather have an all over oil? Click here

DeFunk Drying Powder For Men & Women - Summer Line

  • 4oz shaker/powder bottle. Absorbs moisture, keeping areas dry & clean from oils, sweat and irritation.

    What can it be used for..brace yourself:
    - under breasts, buttox, feet, in between thighs, etc. Essentially all over dry body powder. But of course, keep it on the external areas only ladies!

    Want to use it on your Baby (bum or otherwise)?? No problem. This is a talc AND cornstarch free blended powder. Free of parabens and propylene glycol.
    While all powders with scent are only lightly scented...IF choosing a scent (lavender or chamomile) for your baby under 2, we highly recommend consulting your pediatrician BEFORE purchasing this product...just as a precaution for your sweet little.


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