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LBN Gift Card

Amount Needed?
  • A standard 3.5" x 2.0" business card sized LBN Gift Card. This sparkling pink marble abstract gift card is perfect for occassions or just because.

    If you are placing a personal order along WITH the gift card - you CAN add this as well. We will just add the card in your box, with the code your recipient will use, to be able to apply the Gift Card to their order and you can fill out the rest! (Please be mindful of Turn Around Time (TAT))

    If you plan to make the Gift Card your only purchase today - not a problem. Simply choose the amount and when it comes to shipping...if you are shipping directly TO the recipient, make sure to change the shipping information & leave us a note for who it goes to and who it's from. Otherwise, we wont know!

    **Gift cards will come with a code ON THE CARD ITSELF to use at checkout for the amount you chose.

    **It cannot be applied to shipping/handling OR tax.

    **Gift cards do not contain actual glitter...don't worry we wouldnt want a glittery mess going to anyone!

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