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Looking for a facial soap? Try the 'For Face' section where we have both pH balanced facial soaps AND soap free cleanser

**Body wash is NOT recommended for facial use as the pH balance is not correct and may lead to dry skin.

Woman's Liquid Body Wash - Summer Line

  • 8oz pump bottle. Liquid soap is just another form of soap for those that want another option for LBN soap. Where are soap bars are more customizable, these are not. However, the formulas available are amazing for senstive skin and everything in between!
    Benefits of liquid soap:
    - easy to use
    - pH balanced
    - softens skin
    - creates a rich lather with a sea sponge/loofa/washcloth
    - lessens the chances of germs exchanged bw users (if sharing the same soap)
    - helps to soothe irritations
    - helps with skin inflammation
    And more!

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