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Liquid Facial Masks

Which Facial Mask?
  • 1oz frosted glass pump container. Do not let the size fool you. In true La Belle Naturelle form, we've made this to last too. There is at least 1+ months worth of facial masks here. But, make sure to apply a medium to thick coat in order to really get the full benefit(s).
    The liquid masks contain different benefits and ingredients, so choose wisely!
    Comedogenic Rating of 0 (not pore clogging) for all of them, you really cannot go wrong!

    Green Sea -
    Good for all skin types. Helps clear pores, reduce redness, protects & balances skin. Helps treat acne breakouts & is an anti-inflammatory. Helps to restore elasticity. Leave on no more than 3min.

    Rose & Willow -
    Good for all skin types. Fights free radicals, skin irritants, controls oils & germs. Contains softening agents & balancing properties. Helps treat acne, prevent bacterial infections, improves healing & stimulate new cell formation. Tighten & firm skin. Helps to restore elasticity. Leave on no more than 3min.

    Hibiscus & Lavender -
    Good for all skin types except sensitive skin. Helpful with age spots & promotes a smoother complextion. Purifies the skin, helps to break down dead skin & increase cell turnover. Helps control acne breakouts & considered the 'botox mask'. Repairs damage, eliminate toxins & contains protein which helps provide oxygen to the skin. Leave on no more than 3min.

    Kiwi & Oats -
    Good for normal & mature skin types. Helps reverse the damage done by UV rays & anti aging properties. Helps relieve itchy, scaly skin. Contains vitamin C which helps combat wrinkles, blothes, large pores, acne, dark spots & blemishes. Also aids in purifying pores, balance oil production & reduce oily skin symptoms. Leave on no more than 3min.

    Hemp & Charcoal -