Mama & Baby Gift Set

  • Perfect for a pregnant/nursing mama and/or baby! All safe and unscented from essential oils, so there is no need to worry whether or not mama/baby can handle it.

    Choose between a milk bath OR a bath tea. The main difference between these is that the milk bath is made with powdered Goats Milk vs Epsom Salt that comes in the Bath Teas.

    Package includes:

    1 - 8oz Milk bath OR bath tea (for several uses) - Flower blend of Soothing Calm (chamomile & lavender). Milk bath/Foot Soak will have goats milk. Bath tea/Foot Soak will have epsom salt with kaolin clay.
    1 - 2oz Mama & Baby Soothing Butter
    1 - 5ml Sample body mist (comes in the most popular scent)
    1 - Lip balm (comes in most popular flavor)
    1 - Sachet for the bath or milk tea.
    1 - Gift Bag for smaller items