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MCT Scalp & Body Oil - Summer Line

  • 10ml, 1oz or 4oz spray. MCT scalp & body oil differs from our other blend of body oil as this can be used on scalp and/or body. With quick absorbtion, this oil also caters to those with PCOS.
    MCT oil is not the same as coconut oil. MCT oil is almost entirely:
    - lauic acid (highly beneficial for acne prone skin),  
    - caprylic (smooth skin & neutralize free radicals that can cause skin damage & aging)
    - capric acid (help increase moisture-retention at the skin’s surface, which can boost skin-hydration levels).
    * It also contains fatty acids that have been shown to have antimicrobial and antifungal effects.

    MCT is NOT the only thing in this product, but it's important to know WHY LBN chose MCT oil. Other benefits include but not limited to:
    - Protects from the UV Rays
    - great if you want to penetrate the hair with hydration and/or prevent the hydration added from leaving the surface
    - Anti-Inflammatory
    - Anti-aging
    - Contains collagen
    - Vitamin A
    - Vitamin E
    - Oleic acid

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