Men's Gift Set

Add Winter & Working Hands?
Add Pomade?
Add Sample Toner?
Add PreShave/Conditioning Beard Oil?
Add Mens Face Moisturizer?
  • Products Includes:
    1 - Men's soap (scent chosen at random & wrapped)
    1 - 5ml sample cologne (scent is random)
    1 - Lip balm (peppermint)
    1 - Gift Bag 

    **This is the base package. Price varies if anything is added! Anything added that typically has a sceent will be scented with the most popular scent.

    **If no scented is wanted, simply leave a note asking for the mens gift set to be unscented.

    **If a particular scent is wanted, please leave a note which ONE scent you'd like. IF we have it available we will add it, if not, you will receive the most popular scent. (mens soap will be at random no matter what)