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2023 New Beginnings & Relaxation Box

  • New year, means new beginnings. Out with the old and in with the new. This box is all about that. Cleansing the way for new skin, good outlook on every day life and being refreshed in general.

    1 - Lavender & Mint Lip Scrub (NEW): To scrub away the dead, old skin off your lips to reveal beautiful, smoothe, new lips. Slight lavender with a bit of peppermint & sugar for a good scrub that'll leave you refreshed.
    1 - 2oz Lavender Eucalyptus & Mint Polish (NEW): A body polish to calm your senses in the shower OR bath. Relax, soothe, open the sinuses & start fresh. The perfect beginning or end to a day.
    1 - Lavender Eucalyptus & Mint Soap (NEW): Soap is always pH balanced, but this soap will relax you, soothe you and leave you ready to end or start your day. It's all around an amazing essential oil scent.
    1 - Sample Lavender Eucalyptus & Mint Whipped Meringue Body Butter (NEW): This is an amazing texture. Light, fluffy...but hydrating like a body butter. LBN literally has nothing like it. As it delivers hydration like a body butter, but is NOT greasy and soaks in within seconds. It's quite amazing and it's even VEGAN!

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