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Essential Kit - CLOSEOUT

Face Masks
Face Moisturizer
Over It - Eye Cream?
Lip Balm OR Body Mist
  • In your essential kit you'll get everything you need to start your facial routine off right, including a travel bag to keep it in, a note on which products to use in what order and even the recommendation on usage! This is a great start if you're new to LBN or new to natural in general. Depending on your kit, you'll receive:
    Jasmine Rice Rose & Honey Toner (sample - in every kit):

    - help reduce the redness of irritated skin

    - cleanses and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores

    - helps shrink your pores, and tightens and tones your skin

    - helps brighten skin

    - helps  retain moisture

    - helps to deminish discoloration and age spots


    Frankincense & Lavender Facial Cleanser (in every kit):

    - helps soak up excess oils and stale sebum on the skin and within the pores

    - helps to improve the appearance prematurely aging and thinning skin

    - helps to offer superior moisturizer with great water absorption

    - helps protect skin cells

    - helps reduce acne blemishes

    - helps the appearance of large pores

    - helps prevent wrinkles

    - helps lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging

    - helps improve the formation of scar tissue


    Facial Mask (comes with 2 of ONE kind):

    Pink Cucumber - Rejuvenate (For All Skin Types - GREAT for sensitive skin):
    - rid skin of blackheads, acne and imperfections

    - softens & soothes the skin, helping dark circles/puffy eyes

    - rich in antioxidants helps it to prevent the aging process

    - rejuvenates the skin by helping to remove scars, spots & dead skin cells

    - soothes the skin by reducing the skin irritation and dryness and leaves the skin moist and hydrated

    - helps lighten the skin and relieve it from clogged pores and excessive oil.

    - tighten open pores

    Olive Cucumber - Balance (Oily Skin Only):
    - Cleanse and purify by removing dirt and oil
    - Minerals to help balance the oiliness of skin and reduce the appearence of scars

    - Fight/reduce inflamed or irritated skin
    - Aids in firming up sagging skin

    Matcha & Silk (For All Skin Types):

    - Anti Aging

    - Eliminates blemishes & acne

    - Fights sun damage

    - Reduces redness & puffiness

    - Stimulates & rejuvenates skin cells

    - Preserves moisture / reduce wrinkles

    - Protects skin

    - Even skin tone


    Face Moisturizer:

    Nature Heals (All Skin Types - GREAT for acne prone skin):

    More of a cream. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly. Great for all skin types and amazing blend with manuka honey and bee propolis aids in healing, blemishes & acne prone skin.

    Simply Pure (All Skin Types):

    More of a cream. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly. Great for all skin types and is the basic version of the nature heals. Aids in healing damaged skin cells and helps with blackheads.

    Less Is More - sample (Not For Dry Skin):

    Oils/Liquid form and comes in a rollerball for easy application. While this could be for all skin types, this may NOT be a good choice for those with dry skin because it's very light. This is the basic form of the Stay Young moisturizer and offers less of a punch, however, still focuses on evening out skin tone & brightening, as well as moisturizes and aids in the correction with the signs of aging.

    Stay Young - sample (For All Skin Types):

    Oils/Liquid form and comes in a rollerball for easy application. Although very light, this is suited for all skin types as it is VERY nourishing for your face. Stimulates cell renewal, lightens dark spots, tightens pores and aids in nourishing your skin. Helps to protect and soften skin as well as aids in the prevention and correction of the signs of aging.


    Over It - Eye Cream (Optional In Kit):

    - stimulates collagen production to increase skin firmness

    - restore the suppleness of the skin around eyes

    - improve the appearance of wrinkles

    - reduce inflammation to combat puffiness

    - adds glow

    - aids in treating dark circles

    - firm, tighten and protect from environmental stressors
    - stimulate new cell growth

    - plump up skin and even out pigmentation


    Lip Balm OR Body Mist (in every kit):

    Promotes healing, soothing and protection for enviromental factors.

    **Flavor of lip balm OR scent of body mist will be in the scent/flavor that is most popular.