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Available Services

Certified Donation Based Services


A series of pressure points along the back, hips and legs that help to release the toxins held by muscle. With the release of each pressure point, toxins release and then take in fresh oxygen and blood. 

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

A series of repetitive hand movements working from the bottom of the neck to the top of head - it is combined with 3D facial massaging. This donation-based service helps to drain any access liquid/mucus caught in the lymphatic system. Good for swollen faces, people with colds/sinus issues, just general relaxation/general lymphatic maintenace, etc. 

Energy Work/Healing

If performed in person this is done with a series of touching/holding points, where positive energy is transferred from one person to another.

If performed virtually the work will be done over the phone. Similar to Wi-Fi a practitioner is able to connect wirelessly to you to transmit positive energy and healing.
While the above is a general baseline description, I specialize in speaking to the initial driving factor of the subconscious and do not need to touch to activate the healing session. It can be done with talking as well.


After session, we talk about what was felt & process through together. Purpose is to soothe, relax & pinpoint where you are headed physically & spiritually.
*Can be done virtually or in person*

OPUS Sound Bed

Opus sound bed uses sound with vibrations to deliver frequencies throughout your body that quickly releases you out of the stress response and into a place of deep relaxation & receptivity. 


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