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The Answers You Need

Which Essential Oils Are Used In Your Products?

With the gaining popularity of Essential Oils, there are many to choose from. After years of using them, researching brands, we do NOT use just one brand. We understand that some may have preference over this, so there are a few things you can do if you'd like your oils with our product(s).

1) Most products have an option to be unscented, however, if the product doesn't have that option...leave a note during the checkout process that states which item(s) you'd like unscented and when you receive your product, scent it with your own.
2) If you are local, contact us and schedule a time to drop your specific brand off to us so we can use your essential oil on your products when we freshly make them.

Are These Products Natural & Completely Safe?

Ingredients are natural, come from natural origins & are fresh/raw form when making your order. Yes, ethically sourced.
Scents are a mix of Essential Oils, 100% natural fragrance oils (made from the most powerful part of the eo to provide a bigger, longer lasting scent) & 100% phthalate free fragrance oils. You will never be mislead as those that ARE fragrances will be marked with a * after the scent name.

Natural doesn't always mean safe.
*People with nut allergies still need to be careful which oils/butters are used. In this case, you can always contact us and request a different oil be used. If your not sure WHICH oil should be used instead, it's best to ask your doctor.
*Those that have medical conditions should not use certain essential oils. In this case, you should consult your doctor on what essential oils NOT to use BEFORE making your purchase.
*Some essential oils should not be used before a certain age. For example, peppermint shouldn't be used on those younger than 6 yrs of age. In this case, you can choose unscented, if you're unsure or have questions, it's always best to call your doctor or pediatrician.

*Pregnant &/Or Nursing? Make sure you check with your doctor first BEFORE purchasing as some oils/butters and essential oils should not be used before certain stages of pregnancy or while nursing.

Do You Offer Gift Cards?

We do! However, there is a catch. Unfortunately, the site still charges us tax for these items. HOWEVER, we will add on the tax to your gift card amount which corrects this mistake! 
You can also stop by the storefront and avoid all confusion in person. We'd be happy to see you.

*There is an expiration of 1 year, but no extra fees or anything.
*GC cannot be applied to S/H or Tax

Are Labels Waterproof?

Are labels are weatherproof! So, using them in the shower or wet conditions shouldn't be a problem. 
We are constantly striving to do better, so if you have an idea...feel free to contact us!

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