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A team of people working separately, and also interchangeably - who help provide services all over the world, which encompasses the mind, body & soul.

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Owner/Founder of La Belle Naturelle LLC

Anna DiCarlo

From a wide range of products on this site, to certified donation-based services. Acupressure, lymphatic drainage facial, OPUS sound bed, energy work with the initial driving factor of the subconscious. 

For more information on all services (besides natural/holistic skincare), please visit the Donation Based Services Page -> 

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Family Nurse Practitioner/Functional Medicine

Michelle Wray

Family Nurse Practitioner and have a Clinic in which I offer Ozone therapy, Functional Medicine, and Reiki therapy. My own health problems led me to take a closer look at true healing and not just relying on a drug to get me through the day. As a

NP, I was trained to treat the whole person, but once I became sick myself with Lupus, I realized that our healthcare system is not set up to treat the whole person or to find the root cause of an

illness. In my clinic I can diagnose root cause of illness and treat it. Some examples are Lymes disease, Epstein Barr Virus, Cancer, all forms of Herpes Virus.

I found Reiki during my health journey, and because of the amazing ways it helped me I decided to pursue my Reiki certifications. I finished my Reiki Master Certification in 2022. Since becoming a reiki, I have learned so much about myself and have been able to help so many people with the healing energy that flows through us all. I have incorporated it into my clinical treatment protocols along with the ozone and functional medicine.

I feel it is imperative that this world have as many light workers as possible to help others. One touch from a reiki healer can help a person in so many ways. It also changes the reiki healer themselves, that is why I have started to train and certify individuals in the three Reiki levels. I

can do individual training/attunement sessions as well as small groups. This is an amazing gift that I have been given, and I want to share it with as many people as I can.

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    Owner/Founder of Emotions - Back To The Basics

    Krysti Montes De Oca

    Donation Based Service - Emotional & Body Practitioner - “Releasing trapped emotions through muscle testing is a gentle, non-invasive and safe approach for emotional balance. The focus is on finding the trapped emotions and releasing them. Rather than focusing on the circumstances which caused the emotional imbalance. Being balanced encourages a clear mind, a better sense of relief, and overall happiness!  
    This is done through Muscle testing (Kinesiology), which is used to find the trapped emotions. Your subconscious has been with you your entire life! It knows and remembers everything. You may want to put past issues behind you, but they can come back. This is “emotional baggage” or an emotional imbalance.  
    Krysti focuses on the imbalances within the body which can be caused by stored emotions or other factors which are identified throughout the process. The focus is to identify the KEY imbalances then reset, release, rebalance or establish a path for seeking additional assistance towards wellness.” Teaching emotional intelligence, human behaviors and releasing stored emotions using muscle testing.

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      Holistic Health Professional

      Tina Cochran

      Frequency Scanning, mud packing, master herbalist and more to help you balance internal & external health. 

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