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A serum perfect to use year around. Layer it underneath a cream moisturizer in the winter, or use it on its own during the summer. Easily absorbs & loaded with nutrients for the skin.

Blackberry & Ashwagandha Facial Serum

  • 5ml or 10ml Rollerball style moisturizer.
    This moisturizer is a lite option. For those with dry skin, it can be layered with one of our thicker moisturizers. For those with oily skin types, it will be a perfect moisturizer that quickly is absorbed without a greasy feel.
    Benefits include, but not limited to:
    - contains vit A, E, zinc, omega 3 & 6 and antioxidants 
    - retains moisture
    - fights free radicals
    - youthful appearance
    - balance skin tone
    - will NOT clog pores
    - soaks in within seconds
    - rejuvenate skin
    - helps stop premature aging
    - may aid with skin conditions like rosacea due to anti-inflammatory properties
    - brightens face/age spots

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