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Day & Night Lip Masque

  • 1/4oz glass jar. A little goes a very long way & typically lasts several weeks if not months depending on amount/frequency used. The masque goes on clear to give you that extra protection and healing. Wear it during the day OR as a nightly mask for healing at night.

    Benefits Include (not limited to):

    - antioxidants help fight free radicals and protect the delicate lips

    - anti-inflammatory properties

    - helps reduce redness & pain associated with chapped & sunburnt lips

    - penetrates deep into the skin tissue

    - rich in fatty acids which provides great hydration

    - protects your lips from cold and dry weather

    - loaded with vitamin F, to help keep lips soft and maintain elasticity

    - offers antiviral & antioxidant properties to soften & nourish lips.

    - helps prevent free radical cell damage

    - contains Omega-3 & Omega-6

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