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Tea Tree bars are made with Essential Oils. If you are pregnant/nursing or have medical conditions, please check with your doctor BEFORE purchasing and/or using these bars.

When receiving any and all soap, please make sure they are unwrapped (if they come wrapped), and stored in a cool, dark place (without moisture or a closet). This allows the soap to breathe, continue to get hard & last a long time!

Herbal Shampoo Bar - For Hair & Body 8 bars(Winter Line)

  • 8 bars of soap in the rose shape (as seen in picture). The tea tree bars are made with essential oils and extra nourishing herbs for benefits including but not limited to:

    Shampoo Bar:
    - aides in the relief of dandruff
    - antifungal
    - aides in the relief of scalp conditions
    - aides in improving blood circulation
    - promotes hair growth
    - helps reduce itchiness and dryness
    - helps prevent hair loss
    - helps hair become shinier and softer
    - aides in the prevention of lice
    - Rare herbs: which cleanse, moisturize and even adds shine to dry, dull hair.
    - Reetha: Creates shine and silky hair, prevents dandruff & hair loss.
    - Shikakai: Soothes your scalp. Fights dandruff, nourishes follicles, cleanses your hair, adds shine, helps prevent greys, curbs hair loss and helps prevent lice.
    - Tulsi: Prevents hair loss & dandruff. Helps treat scalp irritations, itchiness & flaking.
    - Extra smooth for body washing and silky to the touch.

    Get yours today and enjoy washing from head to toe.
    ***PLEASE read the notes on the directions tab***