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Manly Shampoo Bar - For Hair & Body (Winter Line)

How Many Bars?
Add Keratin?
  • Choose between half loaf (5 bars) or full loaf (9-10 bars).
    These bars are all in one...for your whole body. Imagine being able to throw away the chemical shampoo & soap bottles and just replacing it with 1 bar. Amazing right? 
    Key Benefits in this Herbal Shampoo Bar

    -Rare herbs: which cleanse, moisturize and even adds shine to dry, dull hair.

    - Reetha: Creates shine and silky hair, prevents dandruff & hair loss.

    - Shikakai: Soothes your scalp. Fights dandruff, nourishes follicles, cleanses your hair, adds shine, helps prevent greys, curbs hair loss and helps prevent lice.

    - Tulsi: Prevents hair loss & dandruff. Helps treat scalp irritations, itchiness & flaking.

    - Helps prevent split ends.

    - Extra smooth for body washing and silky to the touch.


    Get yours today and enjoy washing from head to toe.

    ***PLEASE read the notes on the directions tab***