These bars are made with Essential Oils. If you are pregnant/nursing or have medical conditions, please check with your doctor BEFORE purchasing and/or using these bars.

When receiving any and all soap, please make sure they are unwrapped (if they come wrapped), and stored in a cool, dark place (without moisture or a closet). This allows the soap to breathe, continue to get hard & last a long time!

Pacify Body Soap (6 bars)

  • 6 bars of soap in the rose shape (as seen in picture). Pacify soap is made with essential oils and extra goodies for benefits including but not limited to:
    Pacify Body Bar:
    - aides with itchy, irritated and problematic skin
    - aides in relief of inflammed skin, bug bites, eczema, etc
    - aides in the reduction of inflammed skin
    - aides in stimulating collgen
    - has reparative properties.
    - safe for ALL skin types (under 2? Check with your Pediatrician to make sure lavender essential oil it's safe for your little).