Starter Pack - New To LBN (for men)

Lip Balm Flavor?
  • New to La Belle Naturelle? Welcome!
    Feeling this is a tad girly? No, we have you covered. Asked by men, a package designed by men, a package for men! Wash your face AND your body and smell as amazing as your skin will feel.

    What you get:
    - 1oz frosted glass spray bottle of Face Stuff Toner. Use this as your daily cleasner. No alcohol, no water, no eos! Use before bed & when you get up, (do not wash off the toner) and then apply your moisturizer.
    - 1oz Blackhead buster. Use this to remove blackheads, pimples, hidden dirt under the skin. Use as a mask or as a spot treatment in a certain area. Recommended usage is 1x a week or less if prone to dry skin.
    - 1, mens body soap (from the men's soap of the month).
    - 1, Lip balm.