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10 Ways To Reuse, Recycle & Re-Purpose LBN Containers

With the incline of product conscious people, it's only natural that there is a rise in Eco-friendly people as well. It's a good thing and because of that rise we often get asked what we are doing to partake in helping the planet. So we are here to discuss it!

With LBN, you may notice some items are plastic (like our jars) while others are glass (like our bottles). We did this for many reasons. We are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible within budget...because, we are a small business...but also because NOT every state or county within a state allow for recycling of glass! That's right. Recycling glass is not a thing everywhere. So, whether your area only allows plastic or allows both, we have you covered.

One question we typically get is...'Do we accept bottles/jars shipped back for refilling or recycling within LBN?' While this would help with the planet, this is an unsafe option. And while we want to help the planet, your safety is something that is priority! This is an unsafe option because while we can sanitize, that does not guarantee the container will be safe from bacteria or possible bacteria. That is a risk we do not want to take. On our end, we do what we can...we reuse packing material when we can, re-purpose boxes & empty containers that we get around our farm & for our kids. So let's continue on ways that YOU can reuse LBN containers & bottles as well! 10 Ways to Reuse/Recycle LBN Containers -

1. Have kids? You can reuse our jars for the tooth fairy! That's right. We've had customers use our plastic containers, reline them with fabric (after cleaning them of course) & put their kids teeth in there for the tooth fairy. It's brilliant if you ask us!

2. Herbs! After cleaning your jars thoroughly, either line them OR leave them as is & use them to store your dried herbs.

3. Succulents! That's right. After cleaning your jars thoroughly, pick your succulent, dirt/rocks & plant it. You can even decorate the outside of the jars with vinyl, drawings, paint, whatever! It's your canvas! Wanna plant something else? Don't forget to drill a hole or 2 on the bottom so water can get out when watering! You don't want root rot.

4. Snacks! Whether you have kids or you want something for yourself....simply clean your container VERY VERY fact sanitize with boiling water, the whole 9 yards, because you are planning to put food inside. After sanitizing, line it or leave as is and store an easy snack inside for later. Pretzels, trail mix, granola, whatever! 5. Office supplies! Have pens? Pencils? Paper clips? Rubber Bands? After cleaning your jars, simply line or leave as is & add your office supplies. You can even decorate the outside of your jars to add your own feel & vibe. 6. Flowers! Whether you have amazingly sweet kids that give you flowers, or you pick your own...after thoroughly cleaning your bottle, fill with water & add your flower(s). It'll look so beautiful in those glass bottles!

7. Plant mister. That's right. After sanitizing your bottle(s). Fill with water and use it to mist those succulents that you've planted in your reused LBN jars! Or ya know, the other houseplants inside or outside that you have :) 8. Make your own Tiki Torches/Bug repellent light. Be careful...obviously. For this definitely make sure to clean clean clean your bottle. After it's cleaned we highly recommend you do some research on methods of DIY tiki torches and be careful (again)'re still dealing with glass & flammable objects. Do this one at your own risk. 9. Make your own soap bottle or cleaner bottle! That's right...after cleaning your glass bottle, add dish soap or household cleaner to it! You can find small small spouts to put on top, use the pump or spray top you already have, or for soap you can leave it open. You can even learn how to etch and do some glass etching to add some spunk to your glass bottle! 10. Bird feeder. Yep. It's easy & totally doable. There are tons of instructions online. But essentially, all you need is some wood, a few screws, wire rope & the glass bottle. Now that we have your brain working, I am sure you have thought of other things. Like,

candle holders for glass bottles (you'd need a glass cutter for this)....or perhaps you thought of something else. Let those creative thoughts go through your mind. The point is, you can find ways to reuse/recycle/re-purpose anything in LBN. Boxes? Reuse to ship something to a family member, wrap gifts, store items. Paper inside? Wrap gifts, use for moving, recycle it! And worse comes to worse....simply recycle in your area! We hope you've enjoyed this & use some amazing ideas! Make sure you share them with us on the VIP page or contact us. Written By: La Belle Naturelle **For questions on products, help on what to use or just general fun & support...don't forget to join La Belle Naturelle LLC VIP on Facebook!

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