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5 Ways To Reuse Orange Peels

If people really know me, they know I try to reuse items. So, besides compost...let's see what to use the orange peels for! 1. DIY Cleaning Spray. Take your orange peels and place them in a jar. Fill with white vinegar. Store in a cool place for 2 weeks. Enjoy!

2. Citrus Candle. Keep pit (the part that goes in the middle of the orange). Add olive oil. Light and enjoy!

3. A Sponge. What? lol. Thats right. Break the peel apart and use the inside as a sponge around your appliances that contain grease. Citrus is an amazing degreaser! 4. Garbage Disposal Cleaner. Break your peel in small pieces & place in silicone cupcake molds (silicone for easy remover, but you could use an ice tray holder too). Add 2-3 pieces of peel, then fill with water or vinegar. Freeze. Remove from 1-2 from mold (store rest in freezer). Place in disposal and run. It'll help sharpen blades AND have a fresh scent. 5. Prevent Clumping. Take clean (no residue) on peel and add to top of brown sugar to help it not clump. No need to mix, simply add on top of it. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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