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Double Use Product - Tattoo Salve

There are products that you think.... 'huh, is that really JUST for that?' The answer is no. With my business, I have strived to not only deliver high quality products, but products that can be used in multiple ways. Why? Because why not? It's not always about the dollar, but what can aid the most for the need that needs to be addressed.

With that being said...let's talk Tattoo Salve. First, let's tap into what it was meant for. Completely approved by tattoo artists, this salve was made to help heal fresh tattoos and to refresh old ones. That's right, you heard me...refresh old ones to allow them to look newer. The tattoo salve is made with: Coconut oil, babassu oil, olive oill, st john's wart, beeswax, cucumber oil, cupuacu butter, manuka honey, caledula, tamanu, tea tree and lavender. Now, per usual, if there is an issue with the ingredients, it can be altered/changed per need as everything is made to order.

Next, what can it be used for if not for a tattoo? - This is an EXCELLENT after sun care product. It helps to soothe the skin, calm it and best of all, unlike will not trap in the heat. - Cuticles. It will help to restore your cuticles and aid in helping with things like hang nails & torn skin. - Feet. Helps to repair that rough skin on the bottoms and sides of feet. Helping to soothe and rejuvenate the tough skin areas.

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