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Energy & Immunity Booster

I try to eat healthy when I can...but let's be honest...sometimes the worst of the worst foods is needed and look, there is ZERO judgement here! HAHA. In saying that, sometimes I get a little inflamed, a little constipated and all the things due to my 'need' of those foods. So, how can we have those enjoyable days and still keep our bodies from having all the issues a little later? Or may treat your body right and you just need a little boost for both your energy, immune system, lymph nodes and your gut.

Let's get to it! What is needed: - 1 organic Lemon - 3c filtered or spring water - 2Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (quality here does matter) - 2 Tbsp honey - Ginger (as much as desired) - Cinnamon (as much as desired) - Blender, vitamix or juicer *Optional extras: oregano (immunity), turmeric with black pepper (anti-inflammatory) How To: This is VERY simple. - wash/cut lemon (even with the peel as this is very healthy for you) - add everything else into blender of choice - blend 1-2min - strain - drink 4oz on empty stomach ENJOY! **Remember, not everything is for everyone. Please make sure to consult with your doctor FIRST if you have questions, on medication(s) or have health issues of any kind.

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