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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Welcome to LBN's first blog post. Filled with info you need to know, so hold onto your panties.

If you're new to LBN, the first thing you should do is read our story. It's the story of how we came to be and what keeps us going. We know, there is A LOT of skincare products out there...some claiming things they aren't, some making you feel you NEED their product(s) in order to be beautiful. Here at LBN, we want to first say....YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You WILL get old...I know, something you don't normally want to hear...but it's true. A lot of things play into how GRACEFULLY you age. Aging is a multi-factorial process that is determined by genetic and environmental factors (thanks mom & dad)...not necessarily what moisturizer you use - but obviously it can't hurt.

What you might not have known... 1. If it's from a store and it's labeled 'natural', it CAN contain up to 30% chemicals. Yep, up to 30%!

2. If it's from a store and it's labeled 'organic', it CAN contain up to 5% chemicals. Better..

Keep in mind you're also getting these products from a store, meaning they need to have a shelf life of at least 3 years + the amount of time it will be good once opened. For some, those numbers do not bother them, because it's 'cheap', you can get it within minutes & it's better than getting 100% chemicals. Am I right?? I was one of those until my 1st daughter. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with chemically induced eczema....even with the 'natural' brands on the market that we were currently using...because, first time parenting. HAHA. But, it's true..chemically induced eczema.

If you are wanting to make the leap.. If you want to make the leap into LBN or already should be aware of what is called 'detox'. Some people get the amazing opportunity (enter sarcasm), to have a 'breakout' every time they switch routines. Me, being one of them! Welp, same thing happens when you go from any kind of chemical ridden skincare product to a product like LBN. Using nature and all it's glory to aid our nature intended! You're face may fight you on it.... but, it's worth it. During detox, your face is getting rid of all the nasty impurities that are actually causing more harm than good.

**Chemical additives in cosmetics don’t just sit on top of your skin. They have trans-dermal penetration capabilities, allowing them to enter your bloodstream. This is especially true when products are filled with penetration-enhancers, like polypropylene glycol, which allow chemicals to more easily enter your bloodstream. Simultaneously, our bodies are bombarded and burdened with increased chemical exposure from cleaning supplies, clothing finishes, paints, and pollution. This taxes our bodies as well as our skin. Cosmetic chemicals in the “cone” family have become extremely popular, including dimethicone and silicone, and they can clog and congest pores, wreaking havoc on our skin.

With that being said, not all people have's just something to be aware of! *WARNING - skin detox can be caused from diet, lifestyle, stress and other factors, it's not always due to skincare*

Here are some Pro Tips to help you with your journey with LBN or another companies as ours:

1. If you are making the it. We recommend not using a toner and then using a store bought moisturizer. This counter acts with the good of nature and thus could prolong your detox journey. If you're going with a toner, go with our moisturizer too for max benefits.

2. Dare to go bare! That's right. No makeup! Try it whenever you can. I know it's not always least right now, but if you're pores are trying to clean themselves and you clog them back up, it's going to take longer to heal. When you can, go bare!

3. There are no fillers in our products, so, when using our products, make sure to use only a little. Moisturizer? Use a dab..literally. Eye Cream? Use a dab..literally. Body Butter? Use a dab...literally! You can ALWAYS add more, but if you add too much, you're going to look and feel greasy. No one wants that.

4. LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN, not what commercials tell you. You do NOT need a soap cleanser to be clean. Our toners cleanse without drying your skin. Oily/acne prone? No problem, you STILL do not need a soap cleanser. If you still feel you must, get a soap cleanser and use 1x a week as a deep clean.

5. What works for you may not be what works for others! THAT IS OK! This sort of ties into #4, but it's essential that you know LBN products can be used for multiple purposes. Find what works for you and your skin and be happy!

Lastly, know that nature/natural are NOT always safe. IF you have allergies (nut, bee product, etc) you need to be aware of the ingredients and if you are uncertain, ASK YOUR DOCTOR FIRST BEFORE purchasing. If you are trying to conceive, pregnant, nursing..some essential oils and other oils we use (like evening prime rose) are NOT good for these mama's. We DO have a 'Mama & Baby' page where products are (according to research) have been safe, but of course, if you have questions/ your doctor FIRST BEFORE purchasing. If you have medical conditions or on medication, make sure you are watching for essential oils, as not all are safe. As before, if you have questions/concerns as your doctor FIRST BEFORE purchasing. #natural #skincare #allnatural #selfcare #greenliving #essential #essentials #handcrafted #lbn #labellenaturelle #momlife #nurture #nature #smallbusiness #shopsmall

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3 Kommentare

Laura Moya
Laura Moya
12. Apr. 2019

Amazing information 👍🏽

Gefällt mir

28. Jan. 2019

Hey Lyndsay, So as always, I recommend asking your doctor first. My personal recommendation is to stay away from eos while trying to conceive. Because most, even during the early stages are harmful for the fetus/baby. BUT, do not let that put a wrench into your baby making ;) LOL. Simply ask for unscented/without eo's when ordering your favorite product! **Also, make sure you look into & ASK your doctor about what carrier oils you should stay away from as well. Like Primrose oil, or other oils that carry Vitamin A....when you become pregnant.

Gefällt mir

Lyndsay Farrell
Lyndsay Farrell
28. Jan. 2019

Hey Anna - I'm curious, which EOs do you recommend avoiding (if any), if you're trying to conceive? I'm not currently, but it could be in the future & I'd hate to be sabotaging myself unknowingly...

Gefällt mir
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