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Handmade Yogurt

I love some homemade yogurt. Mine is made on the stovetop and it turns out I wanted to share it with you! This makes enough to fit into a commercial sized yogurt yes, feel free to recycle your previous store bought container!

What You'll Need - 1 gram of Bulgarian Yogurt Starter (you can find this online) - 1 pint milk (I use raw skim) - heavy bottom saucepan - candy thermometer - glass bowl - towel How To 1. In the heavy bottom pan, add your pint of milk 2. Heat to 180 degrees - stirring regularly* 3. Remove from heat 4. When the thermometer reaches 110-115 degrees, add your starter 5. Stir in completely 6. Let cool enough to add to your glass bowl/cover with towel & allow to rest 7-8hours in a room temp place* 7. Once formed, strain for greek yogurt, or just stir, transfer to container with lid and keep in fridge. Will last approx 1 wk. *stirring regularly, helps to keep the milk fluid instead of having a film. If a film does form, dont worry, simply remove it before stirring again, or strain before adding the starter. *I will keep mine in a oven to not disturb. I suggest if it's a cold day to go ahead and allow the oven to be on the lowest temp for about 5min occasionally throughout the day and then turn it off.

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