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I Want It All! But Where To Start?

So, you finally found LBN and so excited to try a NATURAL brand that is not only truly natural, but is made fresh for EACH order...meaning that your order is ONLY as old as it takes to get to you! So, it takes 3 days for your order to ship from our door to yours? Well, then your product is only 3 days old! Not years like in the stores or other batch making shops. Crazy right?

But now, You're looking and see we have products for men, women, kids, babies, mama's to be, new mama's and more! Even our unscented shampoo bars can be used on our 4 legged family members. Oh's all so good. But while you're thinking "i need it all"....this could be bad for not only your bank account but for your body.

Say WHHHAAATTTT??? Ya, I know, a business telling you to hold back. But here's the thing, its true. While you may want to switch over everything immediately, your body may be thrown in a state of shock and you may not receive the results you're looking for. So what do you start with? Start with something that you use often, something that is most important to you and not hard to switch out. For instance, washing your face. Stop washing your face and use our Jasmine Rice & Rose Toner. There are a few things we KNOW you're thinking. 1. I've washed my face for years with just plain water, or rinsed off in the shower and it's been fine. That may have been true or still is...but water can actually be drying to the skin, especially since none of us take cool/cold showers. Am I right? HA. So when you get out of the shower, your face may feel tight, dry, etc and then a few hours later feel dirty, oily, etc. Water is AMAZING to drink for skin and not horrible in general, but definitely should not be your go to for skincare. 2. I can just run to the drug store and use Witch Hazel....that stuff is amazing. WRONG.

True toner contains NO ALCOHOL. The thought is that anything that states toner is a toner. That's not so. Witch hazel from your local drug/general store isn't a toner, it's an astringent. With alcohol...which will dry out your face and cause over production of oil, creating this so called oily skin that you have. When in reality, your face isn't actually oily, IT'S DRY! Your skin is trying to make up for the alcohol that you're putting on, which is stripping away your oil. Ours contains NO ALCOHOL, which means it'll help to balance your skins pH level and ours cuts through dirt and grime so washing your face with water or astringents aren't needed anymore! So now, you're thinking, everything is important and you wanted things switched out for your family, like yesterday! Here's the problem with switching all at once. Whether you've had store bought natural, or

this is your first time going to natural...there are chemicals involved in both. There may be a detox period. Detox is such a hard word...but it's not as bad of a thing as it sounds. Chemicals in products mask the problem(s), they don't solve it. Companies have lovingly (enter sarcasm) put in chemicals which mask so when you stop using them, your problems come flooding back. Or they take away one problem, to give you another which then....surprise... you're purchasing more from them to cover up the next issue. When our oldest daughter was diagnosed with chemically induced eczema as a baby FROM BABY PRODUCTS, (read that again...chemically induced eczema) our pediatrician opened our eyes to a few informative things and down the bunny hole I went looking at information that blew....our....minds. So, my point is...switching from all those nasty chemicals (organic has at least 5% chemicals, natural can have more and so on), to something that is completely natural can be very shocking to your system and cause a 'break out' which otherwise may have been a small thing here or there if anything at all. Do NOT let this frighten's normal for your skin to transition. Just like anything in life that is a switch, like happens in time and the most successful stories are ones that have taken their time and slowly transitioned. Remember this is your BIGGEST organ and anything you put ON your skin goes IN your skin. This is also a good reminder that what you put IN your body also matters. You cannot expect to have an unhealthy diet and glowing skin. Our bodies (unfortunately) do not work that way. We must take care of our insides and also love our outsides in order to have glowing, amazing, make up FREE skin.

Ladies, it's time you LOVE yourself with real skin, not covered skin. It's fun to play, but we should love ourselves with OR without make up. Be free ladies & gents...Be...Free!

Suggestions for first timers... Facial: Toner & Moisturizer.

- Toner: Jasmine Rice & Rose Toner- best seller & helps the most for cutting through daily dirt & grime OR Mint & Orange Toner. - Moisturizers: If it's hot or you are prone to oily skin during the day, we recommend the lite moisturizer OR strictly using a cream moisturizer at night before bed. **Tone as much as needed. Moisturize 1-2x a day.

Body: Depending on your skin issues.

- Dry skin, eczema, etc -> Try the pacify soap and the derma (with hemp & red raspberry for max benefits). Derma does contain nut oils, but that can be substituted. Just ask. Want something with quicker drying but just as much healing? Try the Dry Body Oil.

- Body Acne -> Face polish, Body Soap

*Face Polish with manuka. Helps with healing and it's safe enough for face AND body - word of caution: if you have open wounds there may be a mild sting due to salt). Hair: Shampoo Bar & Conditioner (both curly hair approved AND shampoo is pH balanced) - Dry, Itchy Scalp? Dandruff? Use the tea tree shampoo bar. It's helped many that have had scalp psoriasis, hair loss, postpartum hair loss and more! - Conditioner is leave in or wash out. So if you have dry hair or curly....leave it in! Other concerns or issues? Contact us and let us know! We are happy to help. Want to be supported by thousands of women, ask questions and be up lifted? Join La Belle Naturelle VIP on's FREE!

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