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Seeking Beauty Among Us

People find beauty in fashion, home décor, style, architecture of buildings, beauty products, languages, food, novels and magazines.

For some it comes in the form of vibrant colors and patterns. For others it can be seen in nature with landscapes and animals. Beauty gives us an emotional tie to what we see and feel. It’s that positive vibe we get from seeing a picture of our favorite vacation spot or the heartwarming feeling we get watching our children interact with one another.

For me, I love finding beauty in photography. It’s a hobby I am passionate about and truly enjoy. I love capturing the perfect moment of adventure, calmness and peace. Seeing the happiness in the eyes and on the faces of others makes my heart warm. Experiencing nature and witnessing the colors of twilight and sunset. I get an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness from photos. Only being able to live that moment once, but given the opportunity to reminisce and take hold of that feeling once more. It’s what drives me to better myself and keep on keeping on. But it’s not just my own photography I enjoy. I love the photography of others as well. Seeing the moments they have captured in a blink of an eye. Seeing the beauty they see through their eyes and lenses. Being given a chance to seek beauty in places I have only dreamed about though someone else.

We can all learn from the 3rd century BC Greek saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It’s subjective and varies from person to person. It can be seen on the outside, but it comes down to what we feel about it on the inside. I challenge you to seek out the beauty within yourself and find what gives you the feelings of peace and joy. Beauty is everywhere. Beauty is everything. We just have to open up our eyes and hearts to see it.

-Written by Stephanie Hewlett

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