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Summer Rejuvenation Tincture

Let's talk summer. We are prone to eating more sugar & prone to being sorer as we eat watermelon & work in the yard. So, how do we do it?

What you need: - Equal parts of peppermint & basil - 2 quart jars or jars of choice

- alcohol of choice (100 proof vodka, bourbon, etc) - 1/4 c honey (optional) - dropper(s) How To: 1) wash thoroughly!!!!!!! 2) split basil & peppermint into equal parts for each jar 3) coarsely chop or blend to activate oils 4) fill jars until full with herbs 5) add alcohol until completely covering everything in jars 6) let jars sit for 8 weeks (with vigorously shaking them every few days) 7) strain liquid into dropper(s) To Use: Get a little in your dropper apply a few drops on your tongue a couple times a week OR put in 1 glass of water Why did I decide to use both peppermint & basil? Basil consists of: - anti-inflammatory properties - helps reduce blood sugar levels - boosts mental health - helps reduces swelling - helps with pain/soreness Peppermint consists of: - helps with skin health - helps with headaches - helps with digestion/gas/bloating - helps with mood

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