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Bath / Foot Salt Soak - Sampler Pack

  • 4 sampler packs of bath/foot teas WITH 1 mesh re-usable bag. Each sampler has 1 serving (total of 4 baths or foot soaks) and consists of samples that reflect our best sellers.
    Our Bath/Foot Teas can help to:
    - help to fade spots
    - calm skin
    - soothe skin & irritations
    - help scars & fight breakouts
    - heal skin
    - speed up healing of wounds, minor cuts & bites
    - aid with skin issues
    - reduce redness- remove dirt, oil in clogged pores

    **For mama/baby bath tea - **When taking a bath, whether pregnant/nursing, new mama or this is for baby...make sure you're soaking no longer than 20-30min max.**

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