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Hair Pro Woah

  • 1oz or 8oz spray bottle. When I was approached by a friend that needed help with a 'balding' spot on her head, I immediately started doing what I do best. 
    After several weeks of research and about a month formulating. Then another month of testing and several testers....Hair Pro Woah was ready to be sold.
    Not only is it easy to use, but it can be used at ANY time, however many times a day (recommended to use 1-2x daily) AND there is no washing, no drying, no greasiness!
    - promotes hair growth
    - promotes thickness
    - promotes NEW hair growth
    - aides with extra shine (non greasy)

    Infused with essential oils & fresh herbs, rowater and more...this not only smells divine, but our testers were shocked at their results - as shown in some of the pictures available. 
    **Results were shown by testers between 1-2weeks.

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