This mask is best used as a nightly mask, for extreme dry skin. Please note that this may not be a good option for those highly prone to acne (unless acne is due to dry skin). Try our best selling Derma OR for an even lighter feel and non creamy texture Blue Lotus

Brazilian Face Butter - Night Mask

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  • 1oz screw top container. Great for traveling! Don't let this 1oz fool you...this container will last you most of winter!
    This face butter is a thick facial moisturizer which offers extreme moisture especially for the cold, winter months. Best when used as a nightly mask after using your toner and/or clarifying mask. When you wake, your face will have done majoy overnight repairs!

    - softening of skin

    - condition, tone & soothe skin

    - may improve the appearance prematurely aging and thinning skin while being a superior moisturizer with great water absorption

    - help the appearance of your skin's elasticity and overall appearance of your skin

    - help restore elasticity to damaged and aging skin

    - intended to heal dry and cracked skin

    - may help with eczema and psoriasis

    - Restores moisture in the skin

    - Promotes youthful supple skin

    - packed with vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C, and D, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron

    - helps treatment of skin spots, depigmentation, severe acne, acne scars, while also hydrating the skin and promoting cellular renewal

    - deep-moisturizing capability

    - help regulate oil production, maintain elasticity, retain moisture and help in the repair of damaged skin

    - help prevent damage from the sun


    **This product contains Vitamin A