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**Our original recipe is with Almond oil, but, do you have a nut allergy? Choose our Apricot blend for the same amazing effect for damaged, dry, etc skin!
**Those applying as a facial moisturizer - If you are prone to acne or have oily skin, we recommend using this as part of your night time routine.


Derma Moisturizer

Extra Punch
Which Main Oil Base?
  • 2oz or 4oz jar. Our silky smooth moisturizer is perfectly blended with antibacterial properties while providing extreme moisture without feeling heavy. Perfect for ALL OVER your body, and especially helpful to those suffering from dermatitis, this is one moisturizer, you don't want to go without.

    'I love it and it is what finally took away my rash. Better than Benadryl, hydrocortisone. Clotrimazole and anything else I have tried.' - Joyce, FL.

    'This moisturizer is like liquid gold. I never had to use the steriods that the doctors prescribed me for my facial dermatitis. Seriously, amazing.' - Heather, TN