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Positive Affirmation Foot/Bath Salt Tubes

  • 1, 4oz tube of Foot/Bath Salts. This tube is not like your typical foot & bath soaks. This tube is created with salts that promote healing, detoxification from dirt, grime and even energy! That's right....these tubes are infused with positive, reiki energy. Blessing each one, while saying the positive affirmation written on each tube. 
    Even if you are not a bath person, it's easy to feel the energy through simply holding the tubes, or using them as a foot soak. Close your eyes, invision what you're saying and feel it. 
    Trust're going to feel the difference. 

    **Please note all these ARE essential oil blends. If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or have medical issues, please make sure to contact your doctor BEFORE use.

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