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Don't forget our men's soap of the! Or our shampoo bar of the!

When receiving any and all soap, please make sure they are unwrapped (if they come wrapped), and stored in a cool, dark place (without moisture or a closet). This allows the soap to breathe, continue to get hard & last a long time!

Italian Lemoncello - Single Body Bar

  • 1, 4-5oz Body Soap. Soap of the month is your chance to grab a bar of a whimsical body soap. Here, we will be featuring a different soap every month, but all amazing for your skin.

    Our bases will differ from Beer, to Coconut Milk or just plain Water. May include extras like loofah, dead sea sponge, flowers & more. Make sure to check the Soap Discription section for that SPECIFIC months scent, base & extras!

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