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Vitamin C Camu Matte Facial Serum

  • 5ml or 10ml rollerball serum. This serum has double the vitamin C than normal vitamin C serums WITHOUT the possible side effects (redness, rashes, etc). Camu Matte soaks in without a greasy feel and can be layered under a heavier moisturizer for those that need a little more for their skin. 
    Vitamin C is the main component, however this serum reall focuses on vitamins while also focusing on redness!
    Benefits include but is not limited to:
    - brightens skin
    - improved damaged skin
    - helps with fine lines/wrinkles
    - helps provide environmental protection
    - helps relieves inflammation
    - helps calm rosacea
    - soothes itchiness, redness
    - increases blood flow to aid in healing
    - anti-bacterial/anti-microbial 
    - full of antioxidants
    And more!

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