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Whipped Black Facial Soap W/ Coffee & Yellow Clay

  • 1oz whipped facial soap in a jar. This soap is made from scratch (even the paste) just like everything else LBN formulates.
    Skin Types: Good for all skin types, even mature & sensitive skin!
    The Feel: like whipped cream for your face...literally!
    The Difference: pH balanced (4.5-5.5) to cleanse without overdrying the dermis
    - antibacterial
    - helps treat acne
    - helps remove blemishes/scarring
    - helps reduce the appearance of dark spots
    - helps to improve elasticity & firm the skin
    - stimulates skin regeneration
    - helps reduce dullness of skin & create glow
    - helps to retain moisture in the skin WITHOUT adding oil or removing the good oils for proper facial health

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