Use for hands ONLY.
**If you are ordering this during the Pandemic of 2020, understand it melts with heat (why this item is typically only offered seasonally). Shipping during warmer months may cause melting. You can pop it in the fridge for it to harden.**
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Winter/Working Hand Relief

Who's It For?
  • 2oz Relief butter is for working hands, winter hands, etc. A little goes a long way! Helps to restore, heal and protect working &/or working hands. Great for finger tips, cuticles, knuckles, soles of feet (after applying to feet, cover as to not slip/fall), knees, elbows & good for spot treating the palm area (remember, palms are harder to soak in, so make sure this is not the main area), etc.

    - Cleanses/removes impurities

    - helps restore elasticity for damaged skin

    - offers high levels of essential fatty acids, which with its rich phytosterols, help the appearance of your skin

    - offers anti-inflammatory benefits

    - rich in vit a & e

    - soothe sensitive skin