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Livin' Da Green Lyfe

    Looking back at my childhood, I'll always be immensely thankful for my elementary education. I was fortunate to attend a green elementary school where we were introduced to helping the planet in every way possible starting at age 5. Without attending Mabel K. Holland, I sincerely doubt I would ever be passionate enough to consider living a green lifestyle. But since I've been doing this since age 5, I can't just walk along a sidewalk and leave a bottle on the ground that someone tossed from their fact, if I could do this without looking like a lunatic, I'd dig through all of my neighbors trash and pull out all of the recycling they they were going to put in the landfill.



 I'm sure many reading this already do some things to help out our planet but for those that are new to green living and are interested in doing a little for our beautiful big rock we live on (even if it IS just so you can save Benjamin's) I've compiled a short list of minor things that can make a world of difference!

(1) Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree to save $73 a year! 41% of energy usage is for heating homes. Again, turn it down 1 degree in winter. 

(2) If you're constantly cold like I am and adjusting that 1 degree is unspeakable, plant shade trees around your home to save $140 yearly!

(3) Recycle! You can help by putting your pop in another bin! If an office of 7,000 workers recycled, 400 cars would be off the road!

(4) Leave your car at home! If you can stay off the road 2 days a week, you'll reduce greenhouse emissions which average 1,590 lbs per year! Order from Amazon, y'all! Y'all deserve 2 pajama days! 

(5) Combining errands will save you time AND gas.

(6) Turn off water while brushing your teeth and pay attention to how much water you're using. I'm very OCD about seeing water run in the sink while someone is getting a pot or turning to the stove. Turn off that faucet!

(7) Compact fluorescent bulbs use a lot less energy than regular bulbs and last 10x longer!

(8) If you are getting new appliances, consider Energy Star products! They helped businesses and homes save $295 billion on utility bills as of 2013 and prevented 2.3 billion tons of greenhouse gasses being omitted over the past 2 decades!

(9) Driving 60 mph instead of 70 on the highway will save you up to 4 mpg! Accelerating and braking too hard reduces fuel economy. Of course, you can't help it if you're having a bathroom emergency! 

     There's many ways to help our planet. If not previously mentioned, what are a few of yours? We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. We are all in this together! 

Written By: Robin D.

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