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Anti - Acne is our BEST SELLER facial toner (used only as a spot treatment - contains bee product). Find it ONLY as a sample size.
Check out our sample sizes

Amethyst Toner is available as a package. To save money and get the Amethyst line as a set, click here
Rose Quartz Toner is available as a package. To save money & get the line as a set, click here

Facial Toners (Vegan)

  • 4oz frosted glass spray bottle. Choose between our amazing toners. Toners help to cleanse the face. Use them to remove make up, in place of face wash and/or just to cleanse your face any time you need to....even after a work out!
    What's the point? Toners help:
    -balance the pH level of our skin.
    -Aids in decreasing pore size
    -excellent at removing dirt, grime and oil.
    - can replace a facial cleasner & do all the cleansing for you

    Most use toners first in the morning and again at night, but you will not need to worry about over drying....we use alcohol free witch hazel, no water & no filler product with EACH blend. 
    Want to try it first? Check out the sample sizes

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