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Keto Caramel Vanilla Cinnamon Creamer

I am always on the hunt for the delicious recipes especially ones that fit into my lifestyle. So, when I saw the original recipe for this as a regular ole keto creamer, I decided to amp it up and give it a twist. (I can never just follow a recipe...HAHA). I hope you truly enjoy it! But please, let me know your thoughts! Ingredients: - 1 1/2c heavy whipping cream (full fat coconut milk works, raw heavy cream works too). - 1/3c swerve allulose - 1/3c swerve confectioners/swerve brown sugar* (see notes for details) - splash vanilla flavor - 3/4c hemp milk or almond milk (non keto, skim milk works too) - additional sweetener as needed

- cinnamon as desired Instructions: 1. Combine heavy cream, sweeteners & cinnamon in a saucepan over medium heat. 2. Bring to simmer, then bring to low simmer. Constantly stirring as not to scorch anything. 3. Simer 15 minutes & remove from heat. As time goes on, you'll see the sugar/milk turn caramel in color & act more like a syrup. That's normal & what you want. 4. Once off heat, allow to slightly cool. 5. Add in vanilla & milk. 6. Taste & whisk in more sweetener if needed. 7. After cooled completely - transfer to a glass jar & store in fridge for up to 7 days

NOTES - For the confectioners' sugar, I used Monk Fruit sugar & used a coffee grinder to grind it to a fine powder. Then I used half of the 1/3c needed as the fine powdered monk fruit and the other half as brown sugar. The more of the 1/3c that is brown sugar, the more of the caramel taste you'll get. So, feel free to experiment. - The allulose will make it more like syrup form as commercial brands. But you're welcomed to test how you see fit if that's not want you want to use.

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